The Problem with Unoccupied Properties

Long-term unoccupied properties can pose a number of problems for landlords especially when it comes to insuring them. Many insurers refuse to cover vacant properties due to the increased risks associated with them and the potential higher costs of claims.

Fortunately, U-Sure continues to offer comprehensive cover for unoccupied residential properties. Three levels of cover mean you get the security you need to suit your client. Protecting their property from a range of perils including fire, escape of water, theft and malicious damage.

While cover is available from U-Sure, it is of course important to remember that implementing measures to protect your property can reduce the risk of it being damaged in the first place. Removing anything of value, adequately sealing any points of entry and immediately repairing exterior damage all serve as deterrents for trespassers and squatters while draining water systems can prevent cold weather damage to pipes.

Regularly inspecting the property also acts as a deterrent and helps detect damage quickly – this is especially important as undetected damage may result in far more costly claims. Likewise, keeping any grounds surrounding the building in good condition can help put off would-be thieves and vandals.

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