37 reasons to choose U-Sure

We were the first nonstandard and unoccupied property specialist on Acturis's e-trade platform. U-Sure offer all the benefits of online trading with our famous personal attention to customer service. 

Unoccupied & Residential Let


Professional Working

Block of Flats


Individual Flats

Second Home

Office with Flats Above

Council Support (DSS)

Shop with Flats Above

Local Authority (DSS)

Surgery with Flats Above


Holiday Homes (includes lets)

Unemployed with Benefits (DSS)

Asylum Seeker

Working with Benefits

Lease Holder

Restricted perils to full perils (including Accidental Damage & malicious damage) for unoccupied properties

Private Rental (Professional Working)


Residential (Professional Working)


Unoccupied & Occupied Commercial

  • Industrial Units
  • Offices
  • Retail Warehouse
  • Shop
  • Shopping Centre
  • Surgery
  • Warehouse
  • Unoccupied Public House

Non Standard

  • Grade listed
  • Timber Construction
  • Metal Construction
  • Felt on Timber
  • Corrugated Iron
  • Shingle
  • Woodwork
  • Undergoing renovations
  • Long term unoccupied

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Unoccupied, tenanted, non-standard residential and or commercial property owners

U-Sure were the first non-standard and unoccupied property specialist on Acturis's e-trade platform. 

Our capacity is provided by XLCatlin, which is an A rated company through Standard and Poor's and are excellent underwriting partners.

Here are some tips on how to get a quotation for unoccupied property through e-trade.

After completing the core premises and buildings in the risk details product tree, occupancy details should be next. Tick none to occupant type and ensure percentage of premises that is residential and unoccupied or percentage of the premises that is commercial and unoccupied must total 100% 

Once saved and submitted the quotation generated will show Bronze cover F.L.E.E.A plus 5 million POL. One of the rating notes will show the Silver and Gold cover premiums and cover available.

In order to obtain a higher level of cover go back to the occupancy details tab. There is a drop down option under "any part of the premises is unoccupied" that says cover level the option for Silver or Gold can be selected here. Once selected click save and submit. 

Quotation documents need to be generated manually by clicking on quote documents, under actions, on the left and side. Policy documents will generate automatically. However, they do take a few minutes to appear in the electronic file.

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