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To Access U-Sure Products on Homewriter

  • From main menu select Homewriter EDI

  • Then select Insurer Control

  • Enter scheme code LEUN

  • Press F2 and select the switch on Insurer option

  • Contact U-Sure who will provide your U-Sure Agency Number along with a verify code once partial key has been provided

Open GI must haves to get a quotation from U-Sure on Homewriter

  • Property must be self-contained (under security)

  • Brokers must be activated by U-Sure to quote and bind cover – activation process document to follow.
    Allocate same Agent number as we have issued on schemeserve (our Main U-Sure portal).

  • Residence must = Non occupant

  • Referral underwriting must be entered to change premium and or Endorsements on the Policy

  • Override code must be obtained from USURE to bind cover

  • Policy number must be allocated by U-Sure

  • Agent to amend back office record to show the premium matches that of the schedule issued (issue with admin fee)

  • Policy number to be allocated from the designated list held in the U-Sure office (U-OGI00000X)

  • No 2 Policy numbers must be duplicated by U-Sure staff – if we or broker allocate incorrectly the policy must be cancelled (NTU) and re issued by the Agent with backdate codes provided (override codes)

  • Policy wording to be issued by U-Sure to the Agent once policy is bound.

To obtain a quotation for Unoccupied property quotes on OGI Homewriter please select the following:

  • GOLD must be – owned outright by proposer sharing (under accommodation list)
  • Silver must be – owned sometimes let furnished (under accommodation list)
  • Bronze must be – owned sometimes let unfurnished (under accommodation list)

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