Properties Undergoing Refurbishment

Non-Standard Properties Undergoing Refurbishment

With U-Sure, non-standard constructions such as timber frame, orlit or heritage buildings for example, can be covered just as quickly and easily as any other unoccupied property type during refurbishment, Whether the property is to be let, owner occupied or even sold all of which can be underwrite at extremely competitive premiums. With no need to change insurance contract once occupied.

Standard Properties Undergoing Refurbishment

It may seem quite obvious however, standard construction properties undergoing refurbishment to be let sold or owner occupied is a large part of what we do ranging from new kitchens, bathrooms, to full extensions and renovation projects. Again without the need to change insurance contract once the intended use of the risk has been realised.

Whether standard or non-standard properties undergoing Refurbishment.

Even if your property is awaiting planning permission Talk to U-Sure Insurance – U-Sure be sure.

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