What is a Property Owners’ Insurance Underwriting Agency?

A property owner, or these days more commonly known as a Landlord,  used to be common place. However, finding an insurance company to insure one was another thing altogether. This is was the catalyst to property owners insurance underwriting agencies.

A select few approached specialist insurance companies or markets like Lloyd’s with a view to underwriting the risk directly minimising the need to refer to the insurance company directly.  Hence the term Insurance Underwriting Agency.

U-Sure Insurance Services the Underwriting Agency

U-Sure Insurance Services Ltd have long established themselves as a reliable and trust worthy company. With a wealth of experience in underwriting these risk for professional insurance intermediaries on behalf of some of the biggest names in the business.

If you are an approved insurance agency or broker with a good reputation and would like to place risks with U-Sure Insurance Services Ltd Get in touch as we would love to work with you.


Whilst over the years there have been a lot of other companies getting involved in property owners insurance, as the market has grown, very few can offer a flexible policy to deal with properties undergoing refurbishment, becoming long term unoccupied or housing different tenancy types.   Which is why U-Sure are a trusted name in this line of insurance.

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